Nurture Yourself

Understanding the importance of ‘Your Own Time’ 

Create Time

Creating regularly time for fun and relaxation

Connect with Others

Increasing your feelings of happiness and self-worth


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The importance of ‘Relaxation Time’ in our Lives

Fun and Relaxation

All too often we tend to live our lives in a very busy and hectic way, completely forgetting about our needs and ourselves.

It is very important to remember to make time for Fun and Relaxation, as we need to be aware about the importance of Nurturing our Inner Space.

Your OWN time

Creating regularly time for Fun and Relaxation, will give you the possibility to be in a better position to handle the stress you may encounter in life, as you will also experience a sense of healthy balance.

Extremes are never good for our mind, our body and our soul. We need to compensate for the time spent being busy with work, with family and with stressful situations.

Few Tips on things you could do to improve your life style… 🙂

– Set aside Relaxation time

– Connect with others and spend time with good friends

– Do something you enjoy, every day

– Go for a walk and spend time in Nature

– Sweat out tension with a good workout

– Go to a Yoga or Meditation class

– Create: Painting, Drawing, Write your Journal

– Curl up with a good book


We have so many choices, we just need to start!

Cristiana – LotusBodyMind